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May 2nd, 2016


This past week we went to one of our masterpiece creations located in Peachtree City to perform an annual Spring cleanout to get our clients pond ready for this year’s active season. About 4 years ago we were asked to create an outdoor sanctuary on a barren rocky slope situated in a hardwood forest. “Can you build us a water garden with two patio areas and fix a bad drainage problem coming from our steep driveway?” Utilizing large, furniture sized boulders, a retaining wall allowed for an…


March 5th, 2015

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.12.23 PM

It’s that time of year again where we perform annual spring cleanouts to get your backyard ecosystem on the right start for the new season. During a cleanout last week on a 50’ stream, we found some rare fauna that any water feature would be lucky to have. We found aquatic salamanders that live in the cracks and crevices of rocks and boulders in your water garden. These animals are notorious for requiring crystal clear water with little sedimentation, so they were really happy to see us!…


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